Invent a beverage or snack which offers a fresh feeling after a mealEvery culture has different eating habits based on their preferences and liking. The Chinese prefer having several dishes with rice for their lunch and supper. Although they make use of rich oil, green onion, ginger and garlic to enhance food’s aroma and taste, it also leaves behind an unpleasant feeling in the mouth and heavy feeling for the entire body. This greasy feeling and taste in the mouth cannot be removed easily by rinsing the mouth or brushing. Like many cultures, eating is an integral part of the Chinese culture and they always like to order and eat many tasty, rich and heavy dishes to satisfy their appetites. However, after the feast, they feel their breath becomes unpleasant, their body uncomfortable and their stomach heavy. A healthy food & drinks company would like to tap into your creativity to offer fresh after meal food/beverage solutions to food lovers in China.

Invent a new after meal beverage or food option which will help Chinese consumes feel fresh or aid their digestion 

Format: Presentation with visuals and text – maximum 2 pages per entry

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