Hello eYeka!

Finally sunny July has arrived and it’s time again to discover another inspiring creator of the month. This time we want to introduce to you Marcio/mhfrois – a freelancer from Brazil who has inspired us mostly by his ideas for our mobility contests! Let’s meet him and know more about what he does on his spare time, the source of his inspiration and how he has managed to get 256 accepted entries on eYeka!


So Marcio, please tell us a bit more about yourself, what’s your story? What do you do besides your great creations on eYeka?

Since childhood I have a very fertile imagination. I loved reading comic books, watching cartoons and TV shows. Then I would go out into the neighborhood creating my own hero story, having fun even when I was alone. Somewhat like the character in the BOB'S WORLD drawing, haha! When I grew up, I ended up pursuing an advertising career. I worked 11 years in a cultural institution in my city. Then a great friend called me to be a partner in his agency, where I stayed for 2 years. I am currently in a technology company, but I continue to serve clients as a freelancer.

You have been an eYeka member for just a little over 1 year. Could you tell us when and why you decided to join this platform?

My other great Buddhist friend, Alexandre Godoy, has been a member of eYeka since 2011. He works with videos but did not have much time to attend. In 2016, he had the intuition to call me to participate in the contests with him and share the prizes. Since then, I have been working in a large advertising agency, with multinational clients and exciting jobs. I was really needing to rescue my creativity because at work it is not always possible. And participating in the eYeka contests gave me the possibility to let the imagination flow in the limit, without exaggerated restrictions.

Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests? What inspires you?

At first I was so happy that I wanted to participate in all contests. But after a while, I realized that the ideal is to select the jobs that I identify with the most and focus, since there are many proposals per month. After choosing the contests, save the briefing on GOOGLE KEEP on my cell phone and read it several times, since I have already been disqualified a few times for not being suitable for the briefing. During the day, when I have an idea, I open the application and note it. At night, at home, I research a bit about the brand on the internet, select some photos on imagebank sites and search for new technologies that can help create something new in the case of innovative ideas projects. Finally, I write down all the ideas and select one or more, developing the text and answering the questions. Only after that I start to create the visual part.


During only a year you have 256 accepted entries and 4 prizes! Big congratulations!How do you do it? What is your working process?

Gratitude !! Every time I get the email from '' YOUR PROPOSAL HAS BEEN SELECTED '', I feel my energy at the top and that's incredible. From what I have read about creativity, it is a non-continuous process that happens gradually. After I read the briefing, I do the brand research, technologies and photos on the internet, I leave the idea aside for some time and gradually I'm thinking of a creative solution. I remember my first prize, ''Exciting yet Stable life", in July 2016, I got the idea while resting after lunch on a pew bench. It was like a flash, a very quick insight. Of course sometimes I get really excited about a job and I really think he has a chance of winning but then it does not happen. But the important thing is to be happy also when the other participants win. I love choosing my champions on the community mural. There are so many amazing people taking part in the contests.

I can not help but mention that whenever I can I involve my family in the process of creating the contests. My son Julio Campos, age 17 (photo), usually evaluates my work, suggesting ideas and giving opinions. In the VICKS VapoRub contest, the inspiration for my entry came from my mother, Dita Lages from Campos Fróis, 77 years old (no photo - by the way, she does not like to take pictures!). The idea was a rubber glove in the shape of the VICKS brand to pass the ointment without letting the product have contact with the skin. And it's at my mom's house that I get every Saturday afternoon creating projects for eYeka.


My beautiful nieces Fernanda, 9; And Marina Fróis Lages, 7 (photo), and Felipe and Giovana Fróis, were inspirational sources for the idea of ​​a panela that cooked several separate foods and at the same time, for the TEFAL contest. My younger sister, Valéria Fróis, mother of the two little angels, always helps me with great ideas. Currently, she and I have an entry competing for the PERFUME GIFTING competition. Let's wait to smell the scent of this story, hahaha! I find it interesting to know and understand how people from other age groups think about products and solutions. Children usually have a very free mind. For this reason, whenever I have the opportunity, I involve my family in the brainstorms!


Do you have a favorite entry that you are especially proud of?If yes, why this one in particular?

Among the works I did and did not win, I particularly like the ones I created for the "ENGAGING WITH NATURE" contest, which is a huge project (and very expensive, I imagine!) And very creative that gave me great pleasure in developing; And 'UNIVERSAL FREE TRANSPORTATION', which is very futuristic and realistic at the same time, as a solution for transportation in the future. After my first job for this contest was rejected, I sent an eYeka support email asking if I could send another proposal after the deadline. And bingo !!! The moderator gave me another 24 hours and I was able to send a proposal that was accepted. Winning is very good, but I'm also very happy when I do something inspiring, that is very voted by the members or that I win the certificate of participation. I have already sent an idea to eYeka so that the jurors give notes for the non-winning works. It would be nice !

When did you start your life as a creator?

I have an incredible facility to play with words, to make '' puns '' since I was a child. It's almost an addiction I can not avoid. At age 12, I won a brand contest in honor of my high school's 40th birthday. After watching TERMINATOR with Arnold Schwarzennegger, I started writing fiction / storytelling / hobby movies (and I still think of writing stories!). At 23, I created the mark of the 20 years of the zuniversity's advertising course. Whenever a nephew makes a birthday, I create a personalized invitation for the party, which I love to do. Especially, I like to develop brands. The OFRB mark attached is from the law firm of my brother Vinicius Fróis. The icon represents an alliance viewed in perspective, symbolizing the union of the 4 partners. I am very proud of this brand, which is simple and strong, in addition to being made for a special client, family. For my sister Valéria, I adapted the mascot design of our soccer team from the heart, CLUBE ATHLETIC MINEIRO, to stick in the freezer of her house. On game days, we gather to drink and watch another win.

 What have you been able to do or to achieve with the prizes you have won?

I used some of the money to buy a new notebook. The rest I made a saving. In January of this year, I won 3 competitions between the 3rd and 18th. It was a great surprise and I was very happy.

My partner Alexandre invested the money in a kiosk of natural juices, besides saving a part too. We meet 2 times a month to discuss video contest briefings, which is his specialty.

If you could describe eYeka in 3 words, what would that be?

Motivation, dopamine and out-of-box

And finally, what advices would you give to new creators?

First, I suggest that you select the contests you most identify with. Sometimes they accumulate several contests with the same deadline, and choosing many contests at once can disrupt the creation process with quality. Do not just choose the prize value, just follow your heart.

Then let the mind open and the imagination free. Create your own creation process by doing research and brainstorming. Seek inspiration in the most unusual places. The idea I had for the MANUAL RAZORS contest came from the observation of the door of the company where I work, which uses an electromagnet system. When I realized this, I had the insight of creating a razor blade cable with a magnet that connected to the blade in a quick and practical way.

I believe that all people have creative potential, but it must be stimulated in some way to develop. It can be through music, reading or great series that talk about creativity, such as the great series MACGYVER (80's and current) and the series on advertising of the 50's MADMEN. In short, creativity is just a matter of focus on the solution. I hope it has helped the new creators in some way. I wish you good luck, and a Long and Prosperous Life, as my avatar would say, Mr. Spock, hahaha. Alohaaaaaaa !!!


Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your great story! We wish you good luck in all future contests on eYeka and creative life.