Convince people that Downy and ARIEL are the perfect match and should be part of their laundry routine.

Laundry can be a very dreaded house chore. The dirty laundry seems to be constantly growing in the hampers. Love it or hate it, the better we do laundry, the more organized we are and the better we feel. Therefore, everyone has his or her own laundry routine – pre-soak, temperature setting, laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, washing process, drying…

While women keep trying different products and exploring the best laundry routine, ARIEL and Downy, two laundry brands that leave your clothes perfectly clean and fresh from day to night, would like to make it easier, by offering concentrated products with the same cleaning performance and lasting freshness in less quantity, and suggesting people to use two products together.

However, in some countries, people know Downy and its concentrated fabric enhancer very well, but what they don’t know is that ARIEL offers concentrated detergent products as well, with superior cleaning and stain removal in every wash. As the two brands don’t always sit side by side on shelf in the supermarkets, people don’t necessarily know about the two powerful partners.

We need you to create associations among ARIEL and Downy, so women in the supermarkets can know immediately that they are the best combination to leave their clothes perfectly clean and fresh from day to night. Can you help?

Format: poster with a tagline + answers to the questions – 2 pages max

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