We at eYeka see dozens of entries coming from the community every day. We see some of them winning while others failing. We often see the same creators getting recognized and awarded by totally different brands, again and again, while sometimes strong ideas remain outside of the winner’s pedestal.

We believe that fresh ideas come from everywhere, however a proper presentation will never hurt. We have collected a list of simple guidelines which will help you instantly enhance your entry and make your idea shine.

They say it’s the first impression that counts. So do not let the first impression from your work decrease the chances of showcasing your talent!

General creative guidelines for non-video contests (presentations with text)

  • If you are creating a multi-pages presentation with visuals and text, keep it in landscape rather than vertical format. It will make it easier for the readers to go through.
  • Use PowerPoint or similar software to create your submission and then save it as a PDF.
  • Always proofread your text! If you translate it to English from a different language, ensure that the quality of the translation is good. This means do not use online translators for the whole text. This will always affect the overall clarity of the text and sometimes will make it almost impossible to understand your idea. Seeing grammar mistakes, untranslated words in the text can easily kill all the excitement the idea brings.
  • Make sure that the text is readable. This means that the font should be above 11 pt and very bright translucent colors. Be careful when showing your creativity with font. Sometimes it is better to stay conservative.
  • Think more from the reader’s shoes: avoid cluttered dense text which just gives headaches to those who have to read it. Do not hesitate to use headings, text blocks, illustrations, to highlight the most important parts.
  • Keep your entry simple and clean. Apply the same style to all the pages of your document.
  • Very often there are mandatory questions in the brief to answer. They are in the brief to help you. Consider it as a checklist when creating your idea. This is your additional chance to convince the brand that your idea is great. Therefore, try not to provide generic answers and do not copy paste the text from the brief. The right answer can really add a lot of value to your idea!
  • Do not copy text or description from Google search / Wikipedia and paste on your entry. It will make the entry too long and won’t be able to describe the idea very well. If you want to use detail from the internet to describe your work or insight, please, summarize it and try to link it to your idea. No need to make it long, the shorter but precise description the better.
  • You can think of your entry as a CV you are sending to a recruiter. There will be a lot of professionals assessing your entry in general along the way. Choose carefully what story you are trying to tell, try to ‘sell’ your idea with the help of nice editing, clear explanations and carefully picked illustrations.

Communication contests (posters/print ads)

  • If you are working on a poster, keep in mind that the aesthetics is always important. Your submission should be visually attractive and easily understood. Your chances of winning are much higher if your entry is visually appealing and you have a smart idea.
  • Keep your poster clutter-free and follow the principle “Less is more”. Choose one strong visual over several small images cluttered in a collage. Avoid small visuals and too much text. Do not create infographics or comics.
  • Minimize the amount of text on the poster. One short punchy tagline is more than enough. Your idea has to be communicated through the main visual. It should be easily understood by just looking at the poster and reading the tagline. If someone needs to read a page of text to understand your concept it is better to rework your concept.
  • A poster/print ad must always contain a main visual. It cannot be text only; however nice the font is.
  • Finally, think of how your idea could be used in a marketing campaign. Even if it is not a part of the challenge, think of it as of a useful exercise and a ‘crush test’ of your idea.

Example of Communication contest: Hyundai:

This is an example taken from a real eYeka contest. The challenge was: Tell us an original, unique and engaging story where people have a brilliant, memorable experience with a car.

Here we're showing the idea that won and 4 examples that illustrates what you should avoid in your work:

Designing a new innovative product/service

  • Stay “out of the box”: Innovation is all about fresh thinking. We’re looking for something that has not being seen yet, please do some research about the product or the category in your creative process.
  • Your submission must be easy to understand with a strong insight/concept that you can see straight away when starting to read the entry.
  • We recommend using page 1 to present the core of your concept and the following pages to develop and illustrate the application & benefits of your idea.
  • Focus: we recommend choosing one strong approach and focus on a single-minded idea. Don’t try to include everything in one concept.
  • Bear in mind that your creation might be assessed by different persons, make sure your description is clear and supported with strong visuals.

Example for innovation "pasta preparation": 

For example, if the challenge is to create a new  pasta product, here are different ways to adress it. Even if your entry is not very sophisticated, you always have chances of winning as soon as it is well presented and clearly illustrated.  

Example for "experience" project: for this kind of challenge there is no "one-best-way". Ther eis usually more text so your task is to keep it light, clear and simple. Think of how you can organise the text the best way, divide it to the logical parts, use icons, maps, diagrams, visuals.

Avoid submitting entries like this:

Try to make sure your entry includes: 

We hope that these tips will help you to create your winner's entry and make your idea shine bright! 

If you have any other ideas or feedback please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below or shoot us a message to support-en@eyeka.com. 


eYeka team