Tell ladies the true and amazing story about epilators!

An Epilator is one of several hair removal methods. Like waxing, an epilator removes hair from the root thanks to its tiny tweezers. In one stroke, it removes body hair, with the tweezers rotating, catching and removing hair that’s 4 times shorter than wax. The results last for 4-6 weeks, not only days. However, because epilators pull the hair from the root, there can be some pain at first, if one’s not used to it.  

Braun would like to reintroduce epilators, rejuvenating the image, as the smartest solution for hair removal, to a new generation of women between 20 - 30 years old. These ladies are often working full time, spend their own money, have sophisticated beauty routines, enjoy exploring beauty products to give them an edge, and might even be buying their own appliances for a new home. Can you help?

Create an original poster with a headline to make the Braun epilator more desirable for ladies in their 20s and 30s who simply don’t know, or aren’t interested, in buying an epilator. 

 Format: Poster + tagline, a new name for epilator, with answers to questions.

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