Tell young people today that they should drink responsibly!

Drinking alcohol is part of the social and cultural life of many communities around the globe. People enjoy drinking in social occasions as part of their lifestyle. However, drinking too much can cause harm to themselves and to people around them, which is why all alcohol companies promote drinking responsibly.

A world’s leading premium drinks company, has taken this responsibility to the next level, by working with prevention programs and different communication efforts to actively pursue a change of attitude and behavior.

In the meantime, the “do not drink and drive” message has proved effective because it talks about not being fool and risking their lives, without talking about losing control. Now, the leading alcohol company is looking for a new way to talk about responsible drinking that’s relevant for young people, so they would change their attitude and behavior when consuming alcohol beverages.

Can you help find the right relevant message for young adults?

Format: a poster + tagline with answers to two questions – 2 pages max.

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