Imagine ARIEL's new campaign for armpits stains!

For any mom with a family and teenage kids, cleaning clothes daily is a challenge, especially when the toughest stains are in fact the most frequent stains. Indeed, body soil stains, such as on the underarms, cuffs, collars, and socks are hard to remove. What can be more frustrating, is that they also come with an unpleasant odor, which will sometimes stick to your clothes, even after a wash!

Currently, ARIEL, the leading detergent brand, provides the best cleaning on the market with superior performance. But on the other hand, people still do not believe 100% that a detergent can remove body soil stains without extra effort like soaking, scrubbing and using additional pre-treatment products.

ARIEL is launching its new powder with “cleaning pearls” and wants to demonstrate that it will perfectly clean body soil stains and remove all the unpleasant odors completely.

Could you help bring this dual performance to life through a catchy, positive, and elegant poster with a tagline for ARIEL Powder, that will show the best cleaning performance, even for armpits stains with sweat odors?

Format: Poster + explanations (answers to questions) – 2 page max.


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Jury's Prize

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Good luck!