A never-seen in-store visual or display for ARIEL

ARIEL, a global leading detergent brand, has a long innovation heritage in laundry and is consistently recognized by consumers for being the best for superior stain removal and cleaning. But the brand is often perceived as too expensive.  ARIEL’s challenge is to find a way of breaking the autopilot women have when they go to the store, ending up buying the cheapest products.

The brand started, a few years ago with several advertising campaigns that highlighted ARIEL superior performance. The latest campaign that is running in many countries, reinforced the message around performance with a campaign called “Big Spectacle”. The big idea of the TVC is to break away from regular demonstrations of performance on cleaning normal stains on normal fabrics by highlighting an unprecedented “larger than life” experience, bigger than everything ARIEL has shown before: sheets as large as a building, huge crowds making stains and witnessing an amazing mega performance of ARIEL.  Check the TVC below, it speaks by itself!

Can you help ARIEL translate this TVC to create a never-seen-before and disruptive visual or display in store?

Format: Presentation, including text and visuals (1-page poster, 3D illustration + answers to the mandatory questions) - 4 pages maximum  

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
  2. 1,500€
  3. 500€

Good luck!