Surprise us visually by showing the natural source of Masafi’s deep earth water.

Masafi is the only ‘deep earth water’ brand available in the UAE and provides the benefit of being far more tasty and healthy than other options available in the market. Masafi owns 250 vehicles as part of their fleet, which are a mix of trucks, buses and large trailers. They use these vehicles to promote their water in the whole region. The currrent branding and visuals look dated and there’s no clear differentiation of the product’s benefit of being ‘deep earth water’ when compared to other options like desalinated sea water. As a result, consumers are not able to differentiate them either. Masafi needs your help with changing the current branding used on it’s fleet of vehicles with disruptive, unconventional and clutter-breaking visuals of nature. 

Through unconventional, clutter-breaking and never seen before visuals of nature to represent deep earth water, bring to life Masafi water’s essence of being a source of natural goodness for the entire family.

Format: Poster with tagline + Answers to the questions (Visual+Text) using the attached template.

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Jury's Prize

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