Amaze us with a new approach to showcase O&G cereals providing a happy start to the day!

Breakfast has become a chore rather than an exciting start to the day. This is mostly because of the same old bland breakfast everyday which does not add any excitement. O&G is a new breakfast cereal brand which is here to reinvigorate breakfast for all the food loving urbanites out there! O&G believes that the more positive you feel, the more you get out of life; that how you start the day sets you up for the rest of it, so you should start in a positive, happy way! That means waking up to a more exciting breakfast through their two new delicious and wholesome products – Warm and Crunchy Granola and Spiced Oatmeal - which want to give you very best of everything for a warming and positive start to the day. It is not your typical bland porridge or muesli, instead it has been taken a notch higher and reinvented through delicious ingredients which give a punch of flavor and a mouthful of texture to warm you from the inside out. Just like how O&G reinvents breakfast, we want you to re-invent the way breakfast cereals are shown in advertising. We want your help in creating a story which highlights the two new products and showcases the ingredients in a never before seen way.

Share fresh stories for O&G Warm and Crunchy Granola and Spiced Oatmeal which break cereal advertising clichés and tell us how, with their vibrant ingredients, they are a whole new way to enjoy breakfast to give a happy start to the day.

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