Create the iconic mascots tandem and the packaging design for a new kids’ product of a premium chocolate brand

Being a parent, means having one main concern: give your children the best, and especially in terms of food. However, you probably notice that what kids like is not always what parents would like them to like. Parents are always looking for the perfect afternoon snack that will not only delight their kids but also reassure them.

Our client, the leader of premium quality chocolate, distributed in over 100 countries, wants to do its part to help mothers give their children high quality chocolate over other sugary snacks. To make fine chocolate more attractive for kids aged from 8 to 11 years old, our client is about to launch a playful product with high quality ingredients, the ultimate chocolate delight. A delight that will satisfy everybody: first, the children with the pleasure of taking a break on a delicious afternoon snack, but also the adults with the reassurance of giving their children a high-quality chocolate.

Can you help making this new premium chocolate product a must-have for kids and reassuring product for parents?

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