How will you make Pantene exciting for young women during Valentine’s Day?

Imagine a young woman in her twenties. She has her own unique point of view on life and doesn’t always live by the old rules from the past generation of her parents. Take Valentine’s Day for example, the past generation celebrated it through candlelight dinners, giving gifts and going out of the way to sweep their lovers off their feet. But this is not the case for young women anymore. They feel it should be about loving and pampering yourself first, having a healthy mind and body and doing simple things that would help them connect emotionally with their partners. They feel this is the best way to celebrate love. Hair is a big part of a woman’s personality and they like to freely express themselves through their hair. Pantene promises to give women beautiful hair by making it healthier and strong. The problem is that younger generations perceive Pantene as an old brand that their mothers would use.

How can Pantene tell young women that it gives them strong hair that is beautiful in a way that will make Pantene more exciting for them during Valentine’s Day?

Through an emotionally engaging and eye-catching poster with a tagline that breaks Valentine’s Day clichés, convince and excite young women about Pantene and how it gives them strong hair that is beautiful.

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