This Valentine’s day, I wish I could..

On the 14th of February every year, the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Everybody has different ways of celebrating this day filled with love and romance. But people’s point of view on Valentine’s day and traditional ways of celebrating like candle-light dinners, giving flowers and chocolates are changing. We want to understand from you how you’ve celebrated Valentine’s day in the past and what do you think was missing? What do you really feel in your heart about the day and what would you do differently? Please help us understand from your point of view what has been missing so far and how would you celebrate Valentine’s day differently to reflect your own personality. How would you add more excitement to the day through various activities, do things differently with your boyfriend, maybe even meet only friends or even be alone if you think Valentine’s day is not just about being with your boyfriend! 

Through a poster with a tagline, show us how you really feel about Valentine’s day and what would you like to do differently to celebrate the day.

Format: Poster with tagline along with text to answer the questions (Maximum 1 page per entry).

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Jury's Prize

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