Hey guys!

The northern part of the world is just getting out of this long and cold winter. And what better to welcome the lovely sunny and warm days than featuring a lovely new flower that just started on eYeka!

Guys, please meet María Salomon, our creator of the month for March! Let her tell a bit about herself and get inspired by this amazing success story!


Hey Maria! We are happy to be featuring you here. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? 

Well, I think it is best to start at the beginning. I was born in the sunny Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), 39 years ago, in summer, so I love the sun and the beach. Due to different circumstances, years later, I moved to the northern part of the country, Cantabria, a very beautiful place with amazing landscapes.

I studied an MA in Art Direction and a BA in Film Direction during a year in the UK.

Then, and ever since, I live in Madrid and I have worked for some advertising agencies and for clients as Carlsberg, Google, BMW, MTV, Vodafone, Schweppes, PlayStation, Paramount Pictures, Spotify, Amnesty International, M&M’s, YouTube…

What made you want to work in advertising? 

I have always known that I wanted to do a creative job. Since I was a kid, I have always loved drawing, writing, creating things. I like advertising because I can do all of this. Creativity is my favourite tool to work. It lets you create every kind of ideas starting from scratch; I love it, every day is a new challenge. I find inspiration in the streets and I love all the urban disciplines like graffiti, skating, dancing…

You joined eYeka not a long time ago (5 months) so you are relatively new. What attracted you and why did you decide to join the playground?

When I found eYeka, I was looking for contests to work on for new brands, give visibility to my work and, of course, earn an extra money ;)

I found eYeka by luck, browsing online. Fortunately, I found what I was looking for. Furthermore, I found a talented community and we all comment on each other’s works and we are happy when anyone wins. The mood is great.

What is more amazing, is that you have already won 6 prizes so far (maybe even more by the time this article is published)! Congratulations! How do you do it? What is your working process?

Well, I also think that I have a lot of luck because in the contest I've participated, there were lots of great entries; in gambling this is called “the luck of the beginner”. What I do for eYeka is not so different from what I do in the agency I work at every day. I always try to empathize with the consumer, more than with the brand. I think: “Would I buy this?”. I begin thinking about me and then I try to find insights.

Do you have projects that you are particularly proud of? 

Inside eYeka, I love the Gillette, Breakfast Innovation or Digital Health contests, I love thinking about new products. Outside eYeka, I love a campaign I did for a NGO for cancer investigation, here you can see the video here! I'm also proud of my Instagram account, I post a collage/illustration everyday: @msalomon. It is a daily creative job that helps me keep the imagination moving.

Could you give a piece of advice to our newly joined creators on eYeka?

My secret and advice is to have fun. I have fun with everything I do. People who work using their creativity use the most beautiful tools that exist. Working in creativity must be always great and fun, not a pain.

Can you describe eYeka in one very short sentence?

A world of creative possibilities.

A few words to conclude?

Thanks everyone, for everything, for all the projects/contests and for the amazing community full of talent. I'm proud of being a small part of this.


Thank you so much for your time Maria! We wish you all the best and many more prizes on our platform!