Dear our beloved eYeka community

This is the 2nd time eYeka community and Leopalace21, a leading innovator in apartment rentals in Asia, has done this co-creation project together. After the first project in 2015 with amazing result, Leopalace21 came back to us in a year after with an interesting challenge for the community. This time they asked the community to create a funny, entertaining and emotionally engaging video that shows how a young person’s life changes after they start living on their own rooms.

In 35 days, 38 videos flew in from 12 countries to join Leopalace21 video contest. 3 winners were selected and their amazing videos were featured on Leopalace21 website! Well done, guys!

Let us introduce the winners and their captivating videos to you.

First prize: “Boy Jupiter” – wesleyhchew (Canada)

Thank you Leopalace 21 and eYeka, this was my 
first attempt at a video contest but certainly not my last!

Leopalace21’s comment:

A story, about mistakes more likely to happen to young people who just started a new life, and making a friend who has common interests in neighborhood, is dramatically drawn and attracting the viewer's heart. It’s also wonderful that the story has events of hopes happening inside of the room.


Second prize: “Dear Mom” – victorjng (Spain)

Wow! I can´t believe I won the second prize in this contest!! This is my third win here in Eyeka. I´ve participated in so many contests and I´ve been shortlisted in so many of them but not winning. 

I gotta say that sometimes I wanted to give up because is not easy to win and I thought this was not for me.At the end I thought: This is what I love and I´m not doing this for the money, i want to get better and do better videos, I want to do this and I do not care if I don´t win, I have to enjoy the journey.

This is what I did and I keep on doing videos, trying to do better things and now I won!! This is just a message for the people, because I´ve been down a lot of times and I know what it feels. 

But you have to work and to fight for what you love no matter what!!! If you win is awesome for sure and that gives you a lot of condifence, and the money is great too, but if you do not win, don´t worry! Enjoy yourself doing what you love and do it with your heart. Soon or later you will get what you want if you fight for it!

Thanks Eyeka for giving us a lot of opportunities to participate in endless contests. Is amazing for us to have the chance to do this and try to do great content for a lot of important brands. 

Thanks to Leopalace to choose my video as the second winner, and for the others winners and not winners, you create awesome videos!

Cheers for everyone! And remember to keep on fighting for what you love!

Leopalace21’s comment:

Her expressions and cuts express freedom and happiness which spread by starting living by herself and the meaning of starting a new life.

At the same time, the message to her mother, phone call to her sister expresses family ties.


Third prize: “Leopalace Territory” – hervecarton (France)

I am very happy to be on the podium! I was waiting for an animation contest since a long time and this one was pretty inspiring. It was fun to remember the time of my installation in my first apartment... Thanks to the Eyeka's team and Happy New Year 2017 to all!

Leopalace21’s comment: 

The originality of the idea, expressing starting a new life with what dogs come in to a new room is interesting, and also the story of confusion and depression becomes energetic is drawn carefully with animation which is very high quality.


Two other impressive videos are featured on Leopalace21's website as well!

“Find your freedom” – miguelangelgm (Spain)

“Oh shit!” - Gloria_Kurnik (UK)


We hope these wonderful videos and awesome creators have inspired you to the max! Such a great start for 2017, isn’t it? Look forward to see more entries been featured by our clients this year as well!

Keep up your amazing work, guys!