Surprise us with a video that shows situations which test and torture your hair to extreme limits leaving it in need of a miracle!

There can be many culprits when it comes to dry/damaged hair!

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (3MM) is the gold standard in hydration, repairing 3 months of damage in 3 minutes. However, most women perceive this product as a normal conditioner that just softens the hair. 

We need your help to to convince women about the miracle effects of Pantene 3MM conditioner on hair. All you have to do is to come up a real or hypothetical situation where a women’s hair is subject to an unexpected extreme torture test.

Create a shocking and surprising video that shows the hair’s ability to withstand extreme conditions due to Pantene 3MM action.

Format: a short video, ideally 15 to 20 secs.

Check out this brief!

Jury's Prize

  1. 12,000€
  2. 6,000€
  3. 2,000€