Bring family together with Cheetos!

Hey, are you one of the “Re-juveniles”?

They are people who don't accept the conventional definition of growing up, who demand playtime in daily life, especially with their families. Since its introduction in 1948, Cheetos has provided the world with delicious, cheesy puffed, and crunchy snacks. Re-juveniles love Cheetos snacks.

Because, whether playing games, goofing around, or watching TV together, Cheetos helps provide a reason for the family to come together.

Can you help dial uuuuuuuuuuuuuup the fun by finding a new packaging idea?

Design a fun, interactive, and newsworthy packaging for Cheetos to turn up the fun in families.

FORMAT: 2 pages with illustrations, text, and answers to questions using the template. (PDF only)

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  3. 500€

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