Hello everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing well! The clocks have gone back to winter time now and to kick off the month of November, we’re offering you the chance to discover the story of Axel, known under the user name Alorsold on eYeka

To start with, can you tell us a bit more about yourself? How did you end up in the world of creation? What do you do outside of eYeka?

I’ve been drawing, inventing and finding solutions for things since I was little. I’ve always dreamed of being an inventor or a comic strip designer. Today, I’m an industrial/product designer, which is a good compromise in terms of visual expression and creativity. I’ve spent part of my career in Asia, and for now I’m back in France, freelancing. I’m passionate about my job and I consider myself really lucky to wake up with a smile on my face when I go to work. Innovation through use is at the heart of my job, so I’m always looking to get closer to future consumers and understand their needs. I appreciate that even more since it’s extremely enriching on a human level. What I’m looking for is to facilitate people’s daily lives whilst also bringing emotion.

You’ve been a member of eYeka since 2012, can you tell us what led you to join the community?

I discovered eYeka thanks to a classmate during my Masters at Strate (Paris). Principally, it was the diversity of subjects on offer that tempted me to take part. I try to keep a global approach in terms of creativity and reaching out to everything. When I started working, I realised the importance of these competitions. They’re good practice, with solid subjects and they allowed me to develop an overview of the projects. I'm a challenger as well, eYeka allowed me to push my limits to create better.

Can you tell us about your creative process during the eYeka competition? Where do you look for inspiration?

I seek to push limits and for that, I get my inspiration from a lot of things: the internet, exhibitions, personal experience, travelling. I’m a perfectionist in my work and try to only offer solutions that I’d use/buy myself. I do a lot of benchmarking in order to understand the market and to imagine how to improve a product or a system in a simple way.

Is there a project or a creation that you’re particularly proud of?

I'm pretty proud of my Mountain Dew project. It’s a product that I dream of being able to use one day!

What have you been able to create or do with the prizes that you’ve won?

I’m a passionate traveller, so the prizes have let me travel even further afar;) 

 Can you sum up eYeka in a short phrase?

For me, eYeka is a motor that allowed me to challenge myself and to showcase my know-how in various domains.

Anything you’d like to add to close? What advice would you give to new creators?

Don’t limit yourself to the competition side of things. See it as personal training. Be proud of every single one of your submissions. Create better, create emotion and inspire us!

Thank you, Axel! Good luck with the rest of your adventure on eYeka, we’ll see you soon in the next competition J