Show us visual analogies for Febreze Car Freshener travelling inside the A/C vent to remove odor

We all know that car fresheners help to neutralize odors from sources such as cigarettes and food in the car. But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to odor sources in the car. There’s a lot of accumulated dirt and fungus inside the vent which cannot be seen by us! These are the culprits which release a foul odor through the vent. Febreze Car Freshener works by going inside the vent to remove these unpleasant odors, so only fresh air is released in the car. We want your creative talents to help visualize this unique benefit for Febreze Car. Are you up for the challenge?

Through the use of disruptive visual analogies and metaphors in a poster, show us how Febreze Car Freshener ‘travels to the unseen part of the car A/C vent to remove foul odors’

Format: Poster (1 page)

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Jury's Prize

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