Create an emotionally engaging poster for Nutri-Immune which helps kids grow smarter and stronger

Nutri-Immune is the next generation of infant milk formula (IMF) which has a breakthrough new ingredient. This ingredient was previously only found in breast milk. It’s been 15 years in the making and it’s the first product in the baby infant milk category to have this ingredient. It allows children to be stronger by boosting their immunity so there is no hindrance to their learning process and to grow smarter. Most of the IMF brands talk in a very scientific and boring manner. However, the relationship between the mother and child is deep rooted in emotion. Nutri-Immune wants to play an emotional role and help mothers give the best nutrition possible to ensure their kids growth. Can you help us create an emotionally engaging idea?

In an emotionally engaging poster, show us how mothers can help their kids grow smarter and stronger with Nutri-Immune

Format: Poster and answer to the questions (Maximum 1 page per entry)

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