Design innovative and attractive looking RTD coffee packaging

Ready to drink (RTD) coffee is usually consumed by 30-50-year-old men. They usually consume it when taking a short break or to get a caffeine kick when working. It’s usually consumed by them through smaller cans (190 ml) and they drink it all in one-go. Youngsters like to drink coffee as part of their lifestyle but only from the brands they think are hip and cool. They will never be shy to hold and consume out of cups which are attractive and trendy. They find RTD coffee cans/PET bottle/tetra packs boring and hence don’t relate to it and neither drink RTD coffee. A popular RTD coffee brand would like to make RTD coffee more exciting for current drinkers through the packaging and also appeal to younger people (16-24) who currently don’t drink RTD coffee to make them buy and try it. They want to tap into your creative talents to design a unique and attractive looking packaging for their RTD coffee which will appeal to both.

Design a unique and attractive looking packaging for a RTD coffee brand to make RTD coffee more exciting and relevant

Format: Presentation with visuals, text and answers to the questions (Maximum 2 pages per entry)

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