What exciting IoT features can Panasonic’s new clothing care machine offer to delight women?

Panasonic’s Game Changer Catapult aims at creating new ideas of future home appliances with open innovation. They have a concept for a breakthrough new machine called the MonStyle which is a clothing total care system that washes clothes, dries them and also adds aromas and other benefits such as UV protection and moisturization. It’s especially made for women who would want to wear their favorite clothes but refrain from it because of the extra care needed. Besides just selling the MonStyle machine, an ecosystem of IoT enabled service features and benefits will be key to creating a long-term relationship with users. Panasonic would like your help to create exciting IoT enabled service features and benefits for the MonStyle machine to delight women.

Show us what exciting new IoT enabled service features and benefits can MonStyle offer to give women the emotional satisfaction of her clothes being cared for enabling her to wear what she loves.

Format: Presentation with visuals and text (Maximum 3 pages per entry)

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