Hello, eYeka community! 

As we start to approach the final few months of the year, we would like to introduce you to a creator from China, who goes by MUZI and is inspired by everything she sees around her. Let’s dive right in with October’s Creator of the Month!


  1. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your story? Fun facts about you?

I studied sculpture in college. After graduation, I traveled to various places in China, oftentimes spending a lot of time in a place if I liked it. So, I did a lot of different types of work like bartending, waitressing in youth hostels, and teaching in remote areas.  I liked all my jobs as they allowed me to meet different people and kept my outlook on life very fresh and interesting. Now I am a freelancer and live in my hometown.


  1. What made you interested in design and the creative world? Was there any inspiration or a person who inspired you?

I grew up liking graffiti, and then learned to make sculptures. I do not remember when I started but now I seem to be inseparable from the design. Everything around me inspires me; they make me feel interesting, strange and different.


  1. How did you find out about eYeka and why did you decide to join?

I actually joined eYeka in 2012, but I did not submit any creations before 2016. I discovered eYeka simply by doing a Google search of creative contests and then I forgot about it for 4 years.  In 2016, I returned my hometown and did not know what to do. I had a chance to explore eYeka once again and really understand it, then I was attracted to the concept. eYeka has designers from around the world, their ideas are novel and interesting and bring me different creative inspiration. I am filled with new ideas every day.


  1. Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests? How can you come up with a great idea?

First, I choose a contest to participate in—if a game does not inspire my ideas on it then I will not join it. I dont have a specific creative process; I just have the idea and do it. The most important thing is to meet a contest that will make us passionate!


  1. Is there any tips and tricks you can share with other creators? 

Most of the time I just do what I want to do with the design and create it; actually I am not that good at winning. I prefer to see the comments at the end of the contest, and other designers to give me advice, which helps me improve. The deletion is a very important process. Keep out the not-so-good ideas, find one or two of the most consistent and relevant ideas, and do it.


  1. When you submit entries that are rejected, how do you maintain positivity to keep submitting great ideas?

Usually if an idea is rejected, eYeka will give the creator an extended time even if the contest has ended to improve on the idea, so I do not panic. For me, it is usually because of my use of English that the eYeka's reviewers do not understand. :) After all, I am not good at English. The solution to this is to make the more simple in display, and use a short note to express the ideas.


  1. What have you been able to do or to achieve with the prizes you have won?

The first prize, I used it to buy a nice computer, because when I first returned to my hometown, the apartment had almost no electronic products at all.


  1. If you could describe eYeka in 3 words, what would that be?

Flexible, Challenging, Happy


  1. And at last, what advices would you give to new creators? 

Stick to their own ideas, be happy to complete each of their favorite contests. Go out more, maybe inspiration is somewhere around you :)


Thanks for the inclusive and encouraging advice! Until next time !