Visually bring to life the Kotex sanitary pad’s unique benefit of being a ‘wearless’ pad

Kotex is a brand which believes in championing women’s progress. Through their sanitary pads, they want to make sure that periods or the negative perception of periods never get in the way of women’s progress. To combat uneasiness during periods, Kotex has created a new breakthrough product – a wearless pad. It offers the best ‘unnoticeable’ experience. What we mean by unnoticeable is that the pad fits and takes the shape of the body so well, women feel as though they are not wearing a pad at all. It is as good as a thin layer over the body, or even like having a second skin. Think about a ballerina’s shoes and how they form a second skin which moulds to her feet. It is barely noticeable and without intrusiveness or discomfort. We want to tap into your creativity to bring to life this revolutionary new pad’s benefit of being the best fit for a ‘wearless’ experience.

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