How can you show the emotional benefit of driving a Suzuki ALLGRIP car with a twist?

Suzuki is a global manufacturer of cars and SUVs and have their own 4WD (4-wheel-drive) technology called ALLGRIP. You can find out more about ALLGRIP by visiting the website - What they bring to the table, through their ALLGRIP equipped cars, is peace of mind, excitement and the ability to go beyond. We want to focus on the emotional benefits associated with driving a Suzuki car with ALLGRIP and move away from dull, boring product demonstrations.

To increase awareness of ALLGRIP, we want your help in coming up with a video which gives a twist and brings to life the emotional benefits of driving a Suzuki car with ALLGRIP.

Through an engaging and witty video, show us the emotional impact and thrill of driving a Suzuki ALLGRIP car.

Format: Video – 45 seconds max.

 Check out the brief!

Jury's Prize

  1. 7,000€
  2. 5,000€
  3. 3,000€