Invent a new hair care solution enabling Chinese women to embrace ‘natural beauty’ through a simple hair care routine at home.

Going natural is arguably the top trend in hair care on the Chinese market. The pursuit of naturalness is manifested in multiple aspects, from the product formula Chinese women appreciate, the popular look they desire and the way they approach hair care, to the results they expect. 

Chinese women are faced with frustrations when it comes to shampoo and conditioner –

  • They look for natural but yet potent products.
  • They look for wholesome scalp care.
  • They look for a long-lasting effect, as though just freshly washed from products.

Our client is a leading local Chinese brand that is planning to launch new hair care products to respond to the “going natural” trend and these frustrations. Can you help us to invent a new simple home-use hair care solution that will enable Chinese women to embrace ‘natural beauty’?

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