Tell a simple story about Agusha providing the best support for mothers.

Anna is a 32-year-old Russian devoted mum with an 8-month-old baby boy who means the world to her. She does everything she can to create a cozy and comfortable world around him and checks everything to make sure she makes the best choice for the baby. Anna is a happy mum but sometimes being a mum is a difficult job so she feels like she needs some support and appreciation. 

Agusha, a leading Russian baby food brand, has been providing baby food to help grow healthy babies for 30 years. In 2016, it launched new TVCs using a metaphor to show the difficulties of being a mother like Anna and showing how Agusha supports her. Some consumers find the message a little negative while the dad doesn’t play an active role in the story and campaign doesn’t show the feeling of love and happiness inside the family enough.

In a simple and involving storyboard for Agusha’s next TVC, convince Russian mums that Agusha is the best choice for their babies.

Format: Storyboard well illustrated with visuals (max 4 pages) and text.

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