Show that Chaussée aux Moines is an irresistible cheese, which is friendly and modern, around the idea "Sorry, but it is too good!"

Cheese has been a real institution in France for centuries. The supermarket shelves are filled with brands and varied recipes and the French have a particular fondness for cheese. It is a key part of a complete meal and it is readily eaten, at the table or at any other time in the day. Cheese is always a real gourmet experience and it is a real delight to share it with others.

Chaussée aux Moines is the family cheese par excellence. It is round, large, gourmet and generous and comes in different sizes, also encouraging sharing and togetherness. With its good character, its golden rind and its soft texture, it is enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike!

Chaussée aux Moines now wants to update its line and modernise its image to target new families, and invite them to share in the pleasure of its unique taste. The popularity of the brand and its promotional approval were built over time around a strong and specific area: that of the abbey and the monks. This area of communication has been able to create the brand image and its closeness with its consumers, around the schoolboy humour of the monks by creating easily recognisable codes (the slogan, the bells and the jingle). Nowadays, this area is sometimes considered as outdated and struggles to convey the image of the modern cheese, which is friendly and familial, to their new target audience. Chaussée aux Moines has always capitalised on a slogan clearly associated with the brand: "Sorry, but it's too good!" that you are free to interpret in your video. 

Chaussée aux Moines would like to rejuvenate its image and your help is invaluable! So, are you ready to give it a go and share a moment of intimacy?

Format: 45 seconds videos max

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