Hello everyone!

Here it comes to the end of summer in many parts of the world. Are you ready to step into the new season of the year? We believe that sometimes when the season or weather changes, new creative ideas may come up! Do you agree?

However, while waiting for the season to change, let’s learn something from our September Creator of the Month: Michele Arpino an 39 years old Italian living and working for 14 years in Switzerland.

Hey Michele!

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself? What brought you to the creative world?

I have always been attracted by art. I started with writing (poems, novels), for later dedicate myself to painting (paintings, customization of objects), and finally find my calling in graphic design for major brands. Graphic design is a passion for me, it's not my job. I work in the field of security. I love my life, my daughter, peace and respect. I like good food, good times together, snow and sand from the beach. I hate racism, terrorism, stupidity, passing time and the time that we forget to live. 

I do not have many friends and I must admit that eYeka also allows me to keep a open-minded on the world, contact with other beings on this planet who, like me, want to share their creative ideas. That's wonderful!

How did you find out about eYeka?

I found eYeka on the Internet through Google, seeking creation platforms crowdfunding. I immediately interested in the variety of contests offered and the variety of requested challenges. I found the experience rewarding and, thanks to eYeka, I honed my graphic knowledge (I'm completely self-taught, i still have a long margin for improvement!) and stimulate my creative ability.

So far, you have submitted 349 entries, you have had 323 accepted entries overall and you have won 8 prizes…This is amazing! Can you tell us what pushes you to participate?

Each contest is an opportunity for me to reflect on the world around me, to imagine new ways to consume, the news histories, to project me toward the humanity that is around me. I am a curious bulimic ... and I'm proud of it!

Which work that you have won and made you proud the most and why?

The first (because it is the first!) ... And also the last (because it is the last one!) ... But also all other contests earned between the first and the last ...

Can you tell us what are the inspirations that help you coming up with interesting and creative ideas?

My job in the field of security allows me to think a lot and gives me the ability to create. I work mostly at night and, admittedly, the night is often inspirational. For the rest I am guided by the moment. I improvise ... and then I executes my ideas. My only major limitations are my margin for improvement in the field of graphic design and my poor English.

Can you describe eYeka in one short sentence?

The paradise for the creators...on earth!

Anything you would like to say to conclude? What advice would you give to new creators?

A big thank you to eYeka to exist. A big thank you to clients who gave me their trust. A big thank you to some creators of eYeka (I will not name, to not hurt anyone) who with their mastery, gave me unique resources to advance. For new creators I have not much to say. I can just quote a sentence from Albert Camus, writer: "To create is to give form to their fate."

Thank you Michele for the interview! We hope you enjoy reading and get some inspiration from our Creator of the Month! Have a nice day, guys!