Reinvent home cleaning!

Over the last decades, our home has changed a lot and so has our way of living. We care about our living space more than before, especially when we realize that our home is a reflection of our personality and taste. We like to keep it tidy and clean… However, the products and tools for cleaning have not been changed radically enough to give us a premium cleaning experience.

Unilever would like to explore premium innovations that enhance our cleaning experience and meet today’s needs. Can you help us to design a premium cleaning product or tool that totally reinvents home cleaning?

Design a premium cleaning product or tool that makes cleaning chores a breeze, or even an indulging experience.

FORMAT: A presentation with visuals and texts (maximum 4 pages)

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
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  3. 500€

Entries will be accepted till september 11th!

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