Hi eYeka Community !

We're pleased to introduce you to our Creator of the Month of August : Shobz from the Philippines. He has been participating on eYeka for more than 5 years and has submitted more than 500 ideas so far. Here is a bit of his personal story and experience ! 

Hey Shobz!

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself (what you do, do you work, study, where you come from, what your hobbies, basically, anything you wish to tell the world!)?

Mabuhay! Just call me Shobz from the Pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines! I am a graduate of AB Multimedia Arts from Asia Pacific College. I worked before as a Multimedia specialist under various creative departments. There, I have experienced generating creative contents related to politics, religion and environment. But I find working here in my country too stressing because of pressures from traffic, mediocre salary etc. That’s why I’ve switched to freelancing wherein I have full control of my time and skills.

What I like being a freelance is I’m the boss of my own realm. I have more time for my other passion like being a musician, a gamer, a gym rat, a pet parent and a daydreamer. Yeah! ha ha I daydream often. Daydreaming is not a waste of time for me because that is when I conceptualize & visualize some out of this world ideas.

Speaking of “out of this world ideas”, I’m a big fan of Stephen Hawking and Dr. Michio Kaku. I love imagining other dimensional spaces, extraterrestrials or the origin of the universe. I also love conspiracy theories. Call me weird, but these stuff really invigorates my mind!

You first win on eYeka is back in March 2011. How did you find out about us? And why did you participate ?

Once upon a time I’ve been competing and winning creative contest in my country to enhance my skills and suddenly Eyeka opens a whole new international level for me. I found Eyeka in Facebook and re-directed me to the old Eyeka website. I participated to try if the site is legit hehe and winning a few bucks from my first win already encourages me to continue further.

You might not know that but so far, you’ve submitted 508 ideas. Can you please tell us what pushes you to participate ?

Seriously 508? I didn’t knew that :D I never counted my submissions but I preserved all of them for my portfolio (winning/shortlisted) or future reprocess (non winning/rejected). Honestly, I’m not that active and serious before in participating compared to now. Before, I just find it as past time, mind refresher and skill enhancer. But now, I take it as a full-time creative challenge!

And by the way, one thing that pushes me to be active recently is when I got envy of other members who won a lot even though they are new. Me? I’ve been so long here but my wins are few… so I need to catch up & challenge myself! Talk about competitive spirit! Hehe!

Out of these 22 wins, which one is your biggest success / achievement ?

1st is the biggest prize I got so far from Dirt is Good video contest. 2nd is the recent one from Tefal creative writing. Nevertheless, all of these wins are precious to me because what matters is the brand recognizing my ideas and all of my efforts paid off.

What have you been able to do or to achieve with the prizes you have won?

I save most of it. Some are invested to things that could improve myself more especially in enhancing my creative output like technical tools, softwares, royalty image plans etc. Some is shared to my family and a little portion is donated to the needy ones. J

Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests? What inspires you?

I daydream as much as possible! While playing piano, working out and elsewhere. I never need a quiet or solemn atmosphere to think or focus. When commuting, look outside the bus or train ride, feel the surroundings and contemplate. When shopping, look at the products, the people buying and imagine how it can be innovated. Look around your environment; read people’s mind, consumer’s response to products, the way people act etc. It’s like being a detective. Go outside, the world is so big and creativity can be effectively discovered by observing around.

What inspires me is my urge to explore more and challenge myself constantly.

Can you describe eYeka in one short sentence?

A paradise for endless creativity

Anything you would like to say to conclude? What advices would you give to new creators? A few words to conclude?

In behalf of other creators, Thank you Eyeka for the endless opportunity you are giving to us. To my fellow creators, keep joining, keep being creative plus be competitive too! Provide enough time and effort to your precious ideas. Don’t waste the opportunity to showcase them and never give up.

Salamat and more power to this community!

Come here in the Philippines and enjoy lot of beaches and tourist spots! J