Extreme makeover of fruit & vegetable snacks in Mexico: help us trigger a craving for healthier snacking

The target for this challenge is to help Mexican consumers aged between 20 and 45 years old consume a healthier diet whilst they are at work or travelling to / from work.

On the way to work, most consumers leave home without consuming breakfast and often get something to eat on the go – such as local street food (e.g. tortas, tacos, quesadillas) or packaged food (e.g. sandwich, burritos, cookies), all of which typically have high fat and/or salt and/or sugar content.

In addition, attacks of hunger during mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon often result in a visit to a convenience store to stock up on sweet or salty snacks (e.g. chocolate, biscuits, potato chips).

The ultimate goal is to get people to crave the healthy snacks you develop in the same way as they are currently drawn to the taste-focused snacks in the market today.

Develop a healthy, delicious and convenient breakfast replacement/snack – that contains fruit and/or vegetables - for Mexican working people.

Format: 1 page including your visual and text explanations based on the provided template (landscape format).

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Entries will be accepted till August 14, 2016 23:59 UTC !