Hey beautiful eYeka people, 

It is finally summer in our side of the world and we have been expecting it for ages. 

To celebrate it, please meet our creator of the month of July: Víctor Interiano

My name is Victor Interiano, I’m from San Salvador in Central America, I’m a copywriter, designer and musician. I’ve studied graphic design in college but I’ve been writing songs and poems since I was a teenager, so after I graduated I decided specialize in copywriting for advertising. So I did. I’ve been working in ad agencies for 11 years now. 

Great! You can check his portfolio here. How did you find out about eYeka and when was it?

I heard about eYeka from a friend (a big hi to Enrique). He won a contest and told me about it. As a team, since he is a designer and I’m a copywriter, we started taking part in a few contests.  He got me excited about this awesome idea. And then I just kept participating.

What pushes you to participate in contests?

The idea of showing what you’re capable of to the world and other colleagues is very satisfying and fulfilling. It doesn’t matter if you don’t win, but you have put your brain to work and that’s invaluable. Also, it is great listening to other people’s opinions and what they think about.

What is your biggest success/achievement?

Actually, I enjoy the little things in life. So I believe that waking up for a new day is a great achievement these days, ha-ha. But when it comes to professional success, winning in the local advertising festival, it’s always fun, when you work in a team that really enjoys it and sees advertising not as a job, but as a fun activity. And I love playing music, so going on tour with my band, Voltar, was like a dream come true, and playing in front of an audience, it puts a smile in my face.

Do you have a “creation process” or do you just “go with the flow”?

Well, I read the brief. Then I just stop everything and go for a walk, play guitar, go out for a drink. Any other activity is fine. I just leave the thought “to rest”. Then, after a day or so, I start playing with words, words associations, and start building a concept. I go to the computer and start looking for references. After this, I start creating the visual for the concept. This process is good when I work alone, but when I work with my friend, we start talking about the subject, about things that we’ve seen before, or remember something funny, a joke, a movie, etc. Then we create the concept and the visual together.

Is there something about you that we should know?

Well, I love pizza and chicken wings, ha-ha. And I’ve always wanted to work in a zoo, since I love animals. A fun fact is that now I make creative briefs resembling eYeka’s. Thanks to you, my clients are better clients now.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I recently quit my job and created my own digital advertising agency with my sister., She's a marketing person. So I see myself working to grow our company and still making music.  

Where do you see eYeka in 10 years?

Bigger, with offices around the world helping local and global clients to create amazing campaigns and videos with the ideas of amazing people from around the world. This is truly a creative playground and I find myself in this community of unique creators that I hope it will last many years.

Quick words to conclude? 

Don’t do this for the prizes, do it because creating is your passion. It’s rewarding to see your own development as you keep participating.

Thanks a lot for your time Víctor! We can't wait to see more of you and your positive vibes on eYeka!