Invent the next brewed non-alcoholic drink that people will love to switch to.

A market leader in brewing iconic beers and ciders wants to take their brewing knowledge and expertise and invent a new non-alcoholic brewed refreshing beverage for times and occasions where alcohol isn’t desired. Perhaps for times you want a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon and don’t want to bring out the beer, or at a night out and you’re the designated driver, or even for dietary reasons where you don’t want a sugar-laden carbonated soft drink or calorie-heavy beer. 

Can you start the next trend in non-alcoholic brewed beverages?

Revolutionise beverages with a new brewed non-alcoholic drink that everyone will choose as a great tasting and cool alternative to beer and carbonated soft drinks.

Format: Presentation with text and visuals (maximum 2 pages PDF).

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Jury's Prize

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