Enhance your tables for the holiday season with a new festive design for La Motte Président.

For the holiday season, the French get together with their family and share holiday meals.

For these holiday lunches or dinners, it's important to set a beautiful table and offer quality products to make sure the meal will be a success.

Président is a brand that has accompanied the French for 50 years, offering cheeses, creams and butters with a unique flavour because "true happiness is hidden in small, everyday pleasures".

Président knows the habits and needs of the French and has created a butter presented in a very attractive bell that can take centre stage on pretty holiday tables.

Create new graphics to decorate la Motte Festive's packaging, evoking the holidays, gourmet butter and the Président brand.

Your design ideas will serve as inspiration for the limited editions of la Motte Festive, sold at the end of the year.

Join the contest now! Jury's Prize

  1. 1,500€
  2. 600€
  3. 400€

Entries will be accepted till June 05, 2016 23:59 UTC !