Happy Spring eYeka! 

Spring is always very fun. Sun starts to come out (at least it tries), it gets warmer (and we need that), we start getting ready for the summer, we clean our homes and our minds, take new decisions, forget the bad ones... 

In this context of crisis we are in, where things go ugly and we don't quite understand the world anymore, it's great to remember the good things we have, like the almighty creativity! Let's go crazy, live fully, experience stuff, make mistakes, pick up flowers and start over! 

This month, please welcome a young and successful beautiful blue-eyed creator. Guys, meet Martin Deneuville

Hi! My name is Martin; I had grown up in Paris before I moved in the South West of France where I studied design and advertising. I left France when I was 22 to finish my studies in the USA where I graduated in 2014. At the end of the year, as my student visa expired, I had to move back in Europe, so I landed in the UK to start a career as a creative (check the website here).
For the past two years, I’ve been stopping by few creative agencies, but my last copywriter and I split up last year, so I couldn’t stay in advertising that requires to work in team; thus, I
decided to start working on my own, and as I’m a little more comfortable at practicing my job than at writing cover letters, I finally kept going as a freelancer.

When and why have you joined eYeka?

If I remember correctly, it is my flatmate in the United States who talked to me about eYeka; we were looking for a creative challenge we could do together, and he found the platform by chance. We joined and participated in a contest for Pringles, but nothing happened for us unfortunately. I left a one year gap between this contest and the time I started over sending eYeka submissions, and since december, after I had won few prizes, I’ve started focusing more on eYeka contests.

We have very impressive numbers for you. So far, you have joined almost 100 contests, got 159 accepted entries overall and won 8 prizes… This is crazy! How do you explain the success?

It’s a tough lifestyle that must begin every day with a mug of coffee and a Twix. No coffee, no idea. Otherwise, I should admit I have no clue regarding how to get a good idea; I might say that the only thing I’m paying attention to is staying far from what may hinder me while looking for ideas (music, radio, social networks, etc.), but each one develops his own methods.
Moreover, I would say that in my opinion, eYeka offers us a deal that matches quite well with what creation needs; allowing us to switch almost as much as we want from a brand to another, and from a field to another (packaging, advert, digital, and so on..); that is, even though eYeka isn’t the most secure way to practice this job, it is one of the only places that offers the possibility to keep renewing constantly, which is I suppose, essential while doing creation.

What have you been able to do or to achieve with the prizes you have won? What would be next project you have in mind for your next big win?

Actually, that participates markedly in my everyday life; it pays for my travels, maybe for tickets for the next Wimbledon, and for the coffee I need to find ideas! Also, eYeka contests allow me to enrich my portfolio gradually; every three months it changes almost entirely, (and I’m very far from the last update..)! Regarding the next idea I have in mind, I’m ready to listen to what you can exchange against it!

Tell us something that makes you proud…

Hopefully the next project I’ll do. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with the recent prize I won with Ferrero Rocher!

Can you describe eYeka in one short sentence?

A la carte creation (both for creatives & clients by the way).

Anything you would like to say to conclude?

Just a sincere thanks for electing me this month!


Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Martin! We hope you drink many more cups of coffees and eat a lot of Twix to keep on coming up with the great designs you create!