Can you convince teenage guys, in an unexpected way, that dandruff will not be part of the awkward conversation with parents?

The teenage years are tough on guys. Your body is acting out in almost every way possible; talking to girls is a minefield! It’s a time when fitting in with the crowd is more important than it’ll ever be, and they start to think about their “look” and style. To top it off, there are the crushingly awkward conversations your parents expect to have with you about everything, from what to wear, tattoos, relationships, sex, late night parties, college applications, and more. 

Now here’s the thing, Head & Shoulders has realized something that most people don’t know yet: dandruff is a telltale sign of puberty, just like acne, and it’s at its worst during the teenage years! But the good news is that it’s an easy fix because Head & Shoulder’s promise of 100% flake-free hair works even during puberty. So, it’s the simplest of the already long list of awkward conversations teens go through with their parents. And, this new product has the scent of Old Spice Swagger teens love. 

Create a fun and unexpected video that shows how teenage guys manage to avoid awkward conversations with their parents about dandruff, thanks to Head & Shoulders. 

Format: Video, maximum length 30 sec.

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Send us your cool videos till June 05, 2016 23:59 UTC! Good Luck!