Choose the perfect fit sanitary pad for a leak-free period!

We all know that clothes and shoes have sizes and we choose those that are the most comfortable. However, when it comes to sanitary pads, women have trouble choosing the right fit.

When Lara was 15, she started with a regular pad. It worked well for her. A few years have gone by, and with all the changes happening in her life she has gained some weight, but is still using regular pads. During her period, she leaks regularly although she does everything she can to avoid it. Lara thought about trading up to a longer pad but she is afraid that it might be thicker, uncomfortable or so long that it comes out of her underwear. She feels frustrated and has started to think that it’s normal to have a leakage problem.

Always, one of the leading brands for menstruation pads, wants to solve this problem for curvy women by encouraging them to choose a longer and reliable pad in order to have leak-free, protected periods.

Now, Always needs your help to communicate this in a smart and powerful way.

Create a powerful poster that encourages curvy women to choose the longer pad, in order to enjoy leak-free periods.

Format: A two pages PDF including a poster, a tagine and description.

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