Happy spring, eYeka!

It is time to celebrate the end of the cold season for many of us and the beginning of spring, the time when our creative vibes are waking up, our spirits are high and we are ready for the new beginnings!

Today we are happy to present you our creator of the month – a filmmaker from Ukraine, who once decided to try himself in a video contest on eYeka and the very first trial turned into success. Please, say hello to Dmitry, aka as dmitrydurnitsky on eYeka.

Dmitry, tell us about yourself: where are you from, what do you do, how are you connected to the world of video making?

Hello! My name is Dmitry Durnitsky. My home country is Eastern Ukraine – the place where military actions are taking place now. I was the witness of the beginning of this war and I had to leave my home in 2014. Now I am a migrant inside my own country and I currently live in the West of Ukraine.

It’s been more than 15 years I have been doing freelance in video and audio production. I started as a copywriter, but gradually I learned all the professions of production and advertising. Currently my main activity is videoblogging, but prize at eYeka makes me think about changing my scope of work.

In the past I was dreaming of becoming a writer and spent whole my youth writing stories and once even started writing a novel. At that time, I was an employee of a small radio station and I lacked the understanding of other ways to earn living by writing rather than creating ads slogans.

Once I decided to try writing a script for a full-length movie and sent it out to all the leading production companies. It seemed to me in the film industry everyone was waiting for my genius ideas and was ready to cover me with gold. However out of 40 letters sent I received 1 response saying that the script did not respond to their format. And at that moment I thought to myself: if nobody wants to use my script I will film my movie myself. This is how my first short film was born and this is how i started to do filmmaking.

How did you end up on eYeka, and what made you participate in a contest?

I remember that I registered on the website around 5 years ago and since then joined many contest groups but never sent any single work. I must say that for many years working in advertising I got really tired of it and even hated it. But what is great about eYeka is that I can pick the brief myself and decide what I will do with it. Decision to participate came spontaneously. I had a lot of free time, almost no orders and money left. I had nothing to lose and wanted to try something new.

You won in your first contest you participated! How did that happen? Did this victory give you anything? How did you come up with the idea for your video for Leopalace?

When we began working on our video for Leopalace we realized that Japanese people – is a whole universe and you can not  surprise them with an ordinary video. That is why we decided to use animation. Our small team brainstormed and almost instantly created a concept, which was then refined during the video production. We spent approximately 100 hours working on it. But apparently it was worth it. Now after winning in this contest we feel ourselves more free, and I hope we will soon start something new, or perhaps finish something old... like writing a novel. We got so inspired by eYeka that after this we started actively participate in contests and wait for the results.

Do you have a team?

I do most of the work myself. But basically we are a family business. It is very important to have the support and understanding of your partner. My Muse always helps me; she is not just my assistant but the ideas generator as well. By the way, the main idea of the Leopalace video belongs to her.

I also have a good friend who can create great music for my next video or film in just a couple of hours.

Do you have projects or works which make you especially proud?

I want to be shy, but its difficult when you are the best. (just kidding!)

Seriously speaking, my favorite project is my daughter, I am very proud of her!

I have a short film which ended in national catalogues – “Riding a tiger can’t get off it easily.” On one of the festivals it was called art-house with morality. This is how suddenly I became art-house director. You can watch the movie here.


In 2013 I won international pitching of TV startups “The Next Big Thing” from 1+1 media, leaving behind 118 participants. My reality show project about people’s phobias was bought by a big tv channel. Pitching was a great experience in reaching my goal and my first big high level victory. A piece of a pilot which was filmed for this pitch - here.

A special meaning for me has the work of 2015 called “Sound”. It is a very personal film about those who found Peace but lost Home. Movie made it to the final of a TV competition and was broadcasted on the “DonCult” exhibition in Kiev.

And of course I am proud of my victory in Leopalace contest on eYeka.

Describe eYeka in a short sentence.

eYeka – is a chance to move forward while staying yourself!