Dear beloved creators and amazing community, 

Today, eYeka celebrates its 10th birthday! We are now grown-ups, building our personality a bit more everyday and soon enough, we will be going to parties without our parents! 

But before we start being self-centered (please allow us, just for this one article), we would like to share a special message with you guys.


Thank you for your creativity.
Thank you for your imagination.
Thank you for making us see the world through such beautiful eyes.
Thank you for making us dream.
Thank you for being excited about each one of our contests.
Thank you for giving the brands a reason to work with us.
Thank you for your questions and tips that helped us get better. 
Thank you for giving your extra-valued point of view. 

We have grown and evolved throughout the years, and we are proud of who we are today. And we are who we are thanks to you. Therefore, we are, more than ever, proud of you.


eYeka was founded 10 years ago. Its founders, Gilles Babinet and Franck Perrier had a vision: in the future, everyone would be empowered to make a difference by contributing with her or his unique and innovative perspective on the world. Back then, the term « crowdsourcing » had not yet been invented, YouTube was a 1-year old, and Facebook had less than 10 million users. And the Nokia 1600 was the best-selling phone...

Since then, eYeka has pioneered a new trade: help brands reinvent themselves by leveraging the fresh creative ideas of a global community that now boasts more than 330,000 individuals from 167 countries. And more than 100.000 fresh ideas have been contributed so far, leading to more relevant communications, brand strategies, designs and product innovations.

All along 2016, we will be celebrating those 10 years: 10 years of fresh ideas, 10 years of talent, 10 years of great briefs from some of the world’s best brands, 10 years of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship… To start, have a look at the below infographic which gives you a brief timeline of eYeka’s evolution since 2006.

Find out more about the anniversary at #eYeka10.


Don't hesitate to post your comments, share your eYeka experience, give us insights... and send us cake! :) 

Thank you all again!