The month of February is here and it is time to introduce a great talent in eYeka, Adrian Zapata Garcia. Being one of the top ten creators with the highest creative score and having 27 winnings submissions, Adrian is no stranger to the community. Recently in the Duracell Entertainment Poster contest, the client has rewarded him with 7 winning submissions in just that one contest.


Adrian originated from Málaga, a nice city in the far south of Spain. With a degree in Advertising and a master degree in Marketing, he is set to conquer the world of advertising. He first taste of success was when he won the best marketing campaign for Women's Day organised by the Málaga City Council.

Adrian has started to participate regularly in eYeka contests since 2015 and recently broke the record for the most number of awards given in one contest, seven strikes for the record. He attributed his success to his high level of self-criticism. "You cannot expect success if your idea is no different from the typical advertising solutions. You must go further and push yourself to come out with something out of the box", he commented.

When asked about his thoughts on this achievement, Adrian repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work for a renowned brand like Duracell. He added that the experience of winning contests in eYeka has given him greater confidence about his creativity and his works.

Since you joined, you’ve had 27 winning submissions and 7 chosen submissions picked by Duracell! That’s quite an amazing record. How did you get started with eYeka and how has your experience been so far?

First time I participated in eYeka was in a contest for Beko. They asked for stories to inspire an online video campaign. I was the second winner and I remember I felt like the greatest thing since sliced bread... After that I continued participating in eYeka, but not as serious as I am currently doing. I left my job in December 2014 and in March of this year I decided to focus on eYeka.

My experience has been very good. When I started on this web I was able to provide just a few ideas on each contest. Now I am capable to provide many ideas on every contest. I have become more creative and faster designing thanks to this site.

Could you share more about your creative process and the stages that you go through in creating your work?

Well, these are the stages of my creative process when I face a contest:

  1. I read the brief and lie down on bed, staring at the ceiling and leaving my mind “fly” (no drugs)
  2. After some time thinking, maybe I get a few ideas. If they are good, I note down them; if not, I continue my normal daily tasks. Sometimes ideas come when I am working out, when I wake up, etc., so when that happen, I send those ideas to my own email. I can not afford to forget a single one…
  3. Then I have a look at what the company and its competitors have done until now. Many times your idea has been used before…
  4. Finally, I read again the brief and review my ideas. Once I have selected the best ones, I start to work on them.

Do you have any tips or advice in creating great works and maybe some secret to win?

Every month I send to eYeka staff iberian ham, olives, etc. That increase the chance of success.

No, I think the key is common sense and self-criticism. You can not expect success from typical advertising solutions. You must go a bit far. Besides, you should not discard ideas just because they are not the ones that you like the most. Despite the brief, you never know what exactly the company is waiting for.

How has winning so many prizes with eYeka impacted your life? How have you been using the prize money?

It has impacted on many ways:

  • It has given me more confidence about my work.
  • I have not money problems, so I do not accept crap jobs.
  • I am thinking on business projects.

Any concluding words?

I would like to thank you the opportunity to tell others how amazing and humble I am.

Thank you Adrian for this great interview! We wish you best of luck in your creative career and of course we are looking forward to your new ideas on eYeka!