Introducing Queso Fresco to a new world

When you walk into the dairy section of the supermarket you see many types of cheese with a wide-range of flavors, textures and forms. Some cheeses have been around for a long time and you know what their taste is like, and on what occasions you like to eat them. Others, are more of a novelty. Queso fresco, a traditional cheese from Latin America, is one of those cheeses that is unknown in other parts of the world. Made from fresh cow’s milk, Queso Fresco is best described as a mixture of white cheese in texture and fresh mozzarella in taste. 

Our client is a European leading dairy brand, which covers a wide assortment of tasty cheeses and cooking ingredients. The brand is all about inspiration and getting people to cook. They believe that there is a great opportunity to launch Queso Fresco, in markets where this type of cheese is not known yet, more specifically in Central and Northern Europe.

Through a poster and a tagline introduce Queso Fresco to a new world and give them exciting reasons to use it in their meals.

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