How to convince young women that using Always every day will help them feel more feminine and confident?

The world is changing faster than ever and products that make a difference in our daily lives didn’t exist ten years ago. That change is everywhere, even for women’s beauty. Today, young women have access to new ways to be and look their best.  

Always is one of the leading brands providing solutions for women’s intimate hygiene, empowering them by making them feel fresh and clean, so they can lead their daily life with confidence.  Although Always is famous for its pads which are best in class for intimate protection during menstruations, it also has a range of “liners” which are very thin protections that give women this great feeling of clean and freshness every day!

Many women have already adopted the Always liners pre and post menstruation period. Now, Always wants to bring that great habit to the next level: Always liners should become the new trendy accessory every woman uses on a daily basis, to feel feminine and confident of being whomever they want.  

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