Hello everyone!

The days are getting shorter and cooler on our side of the equator, the end-of-year holidays are fast approaching and we’re beginning to feel that summer is over.

Fortunately, we are here to cheer you up and bring some warmth into your lives with this interview full of southern sun with our designer of the month for November: Jean-Baptiste Petricoul!

We’ll leave you to discover a little more about him now :)

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from, what are you trained in, what do you do outside eYeka, what got you into design work...?

I'm 25 and originally from the south of France. My family still lives in the south, but for my part, I left home quite early (aged 18) for my studies.

I started with a BTS (the UK equivalent is an HND) in product design, followed by a Master’s in product design at the Higher Institute of Design of Valenciennes. As part of my studies, I had the opportunity to work with such big names as Phillips (Amsterdam, 5 months), GP Designpartners (Vienna, 6 months), Thomson (Paris, 3 months) and Google (San Francisco, 6 months).

I returned from the United States in March 2016 and graduated at the same time.

I returned home to make a fresh start and complete a new project that I want to achieve with my girlfriend; find a job (in product design) in a new country and start a new life together. We are focusing our search on Canada, a country which we really fancy.

I’ve been passionate about creating products and searching for new solutions for a long time, and don’t place any limits on what I do.

How did you discover eYeka and why do you take part in competitions?

I discovered the website rather by chance on the Internet. The first competition I entered was for the Mexx brand of perfume. The main principle is that I like to challenge myself, do my best and see what the result is. I take part in competitions because I love what I do, and as we wait to fly off to new horizons, I don’t want to lose touch, I have new ideas and I put a little money aside.

You're new to eYeka as you only joined us this year. Yet you already have an impressive prize list to your name as, of 21 entries accepted, 7 have won a prize! Can you give us your secret (some advice would also be useful...)?

I don’t think I really have a magic recipe. I have a certain way of working; when I find a project I like, I'll think about it at length, I'll let my imagination do much of the work, and once I have an idea that motivates me, I'll throw myself into it. It may be that, for a project, I have several ideas, and I don’t choose one over another, so I'll submit whatever I can, provided that the quality of what I do and my idea in general is the best that I can produce.

If I can give some advice to participants, it’s to always ask whether your new idea can bring concrete solutions to the finished product. Doing something new for novelty’s sake isn’t necessarily a useful solution.

What are your plans and how does winning prizes help you?

As I said earlier, with my girlfriend, we want to make a fresh start, and this project matters a lot to us. Canada is a dream for me and her. We want to see new horizons, start building a future for us both. The prizes I win help me put something aside for our new life.

Can you tell us where your inspiration comes from and the different elements that help you send us ever more amazing ideas and designs?

I'm interested in everything that comes out in all kinds of fields, be it in terms of trends, colours or technologies. I also immerse myself very much in my daily life. The discussions I have with my family and friends can lead to new ideas being born, imagined and created.

Can you describe eYeka in just a few words?

It gives me the opportunity to develop my expertise and passion for interesting projects and to have the chance to share my passion with others.

A few final words?

Thank you for naming me as your designer of the month! I will continue to post new projects for eYeka, and maybe even from Canada!!!

 Thank you very much for giving us some of your time, JB, and we look forward to discovering more of your designs!

Have a great November, everyone!