Hello eYeka!

It is time to introduce to you our creator of the month. In October we are taking you to the border between Asia and Europe – to the Ural mountains in Russia where we meet Alla! She is known on eYeka as a graphic designer Glyanez-Info with an overwhelming amount of accepted entries and a great participation score! Now, let’s learn more about her!

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself? What brought you to the creative world? What do you do outside of eYeka?

My name is Alla and I'm 46 years old.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to draw. My creative journey began with art school, and then the Academy of Architecture, specializing in industrial design. After graduating from the Academy, I worked in the design office, designing the interiors of racing yachts. This was a time I always remember with particular pleasure and nostalgia. Working on interesting and important projects for me was fascinating and something of an adventure. Work has always been a source of boundless fascination. But life goes its own way. Now I live in the Urals, in Ekaterinburg, right on the border between Europe and Asia.

I am a very active person, creative and a bit of an adventurer! I’m interested in the whole multi-faceted world. I can truly enjoy and experience, ponder and perceive. I love communicating with my loved ones and friends in many countries. The things that are important to me are love, mutual respect, trust, creativity and beauty. For many years now I have been working as a freelance artist. I find the time, which I’m happy to dedicate to self-development and self-realization.

 How did you find out about eYeka?

I found out about eYeka in 2014, thanks to a friend who advised – give it a try! "It’s interesting here! The projects are international, interesting and creative - try it!" For a while, I didn’t know how to get started with my eYeka work. I read and re-read the tasks (not being sufficiently fluent in English was an obstacle for me), made an attempt, drew, worked on it, but did not dare publish my work. I knew that my work would be evaluated by representatives of international brands. And that for me was such a responsibility! I’m very pleased I learned about the international resource eYeka as a way to develop and realise my creative potential and gain additional income.

You have 165 accepted entries! What pushes you to participate? Tell us how do you create your entries and find new ideas?

Interesting briefs really drag you in, make you want to think differently, offer your own vision of the idea. Life itself suggests ideas, the desire to do as it would wish for itself. I am a person who’s good natured, gentle and responsive - this is reflected in my work, to always act from the bottom of my heart. The only obstacle is the language barrier.

I'm trying to set myself new horizons – that’s why I’m with eYeka! Working on any project involves a holistic approach. I’ve learned a lot of new things here. I’m interested in the mentality of other countries, the opinions of other project participants. You’ll probably be surprised, but my very first "experts and moderators" are my son and my mother. They join in discussions of my work, take an interest, offer criticism or disapprove of the word "cool!". They insisted on me joining eYeka and offer moral support. Any support from my collaborators in their comments, and even more in selecting works for the short-list and as the winner, is, like, WOW! It’s so stimulating and inspiring!

And most importantly, it's getting involved in such world-class ideas! For me, this is a very powerful incentive and motivation!

Which work are You most proud of? Why?

For me, every project is a pleasure to work on. Probably the most memorable project is the first one that got me started – packaging for the Ferrero Rocher brand. I realised that I'm working in something trendy and can take things much further.

Сan You tell us, what are the sources of inspiration that will help you to come up with interesting and creative ideas?

My creative sources are:

- my experience of working in the advertising business,

- inspiration from my travels, trips, exhibitions,

- wonderful music of various genres (depending on my mood). I love classical music in modern computer processing and original songs with guitar accompaniment. All this creates a special mood, and ... up pops the design.

The most important goal of any art is creation, not destruction. I notice that many authors from around the world think and reason alike, so some work is absolutely identical. So I look at eYeka as a community of like-minded creators. Only by creating a thought-form, we are changing the world around us.

Do you have any websites/online portfolios/etc. you want to share?

I have a lot of design development work, and my portfolio will be featured on www.glyanez.info shortly. This mainly involves the development of packaging, labels, banners, posters, exhibition stands, and I'll welcome any new visitor ideas.

Can you describe in eYeka in one short sentence?

eYeka is the freedom of creative thought, multiplied by the requests from our brands. Consolidation of creative potential for the benefit of all! It’s self-realisation, development and material support for creativity in general. eYeka is a creative "drive" at high speed. (Oh, you can’t fit it all into one sentence!) I’d like to say thank you to its creators for such an interesting and creative platform!

Anything you wish to say in conclusion? What advice would you give to new creators?

I want to wish everyone new and interesting competitions at eYeka, talented creators, honest and friendly feedback, creative and exciting ideas!

eYeka means great, creative and exciting work.

To our new creators I wish inspiration, great ideas, fair play, and financial rewards!

Thank you Alla for your inspiring interview! We wish you good luck in your future contests on eYeka! Thanks a lot for sharing your creativity and positive view on life!