Invent a new way to communicate explosive freshness that lasts and lasts and laaaassstttts!

What does freshness mean to you? It could be the delicious scent of freshly cut flowers, but freshness is more than this; it’s the scent experience you encounter daily, from the just washed T-shirt to a just washed car, or to a just cleaned living room.

However, the way brands talk about freshness is very cliché, usually with an explosion of flowers. In fact, since many brands have exaggerated the scent and freshness of their products for years, many of us just nod without really paying attention at all.

Can you help us come up with a different and surprising way to express explosive long-lasting freshness?

Show us an intuitive and creative way to visualize explosive long-lasting freshness that shatters all the visual codes we’ve grown up with.

FORMAT: A poster with a tagline.

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,500€
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  3. 500€

Entries will be accepted till November 13, 2016 23:59 UTC!

Good luck!