Hi creatives and creators and above all, Happy New Year!

In this very beginning of 2016 (for which we wish you a lot of happiness, energy and creation), we would like to take some time to introduce you to Fabien Delescluse, aka YESYUKOM, our creator of the month for this January and a real enthusiast! 


Hi everyone, my name is Fabien Delescluse and I am 36 years old. I have spent my young years in a private catholic high school. If you have watched "Dead Poets Society", then you know what it was like for me! It is little to say that I really felt out of place there: you were not to speak, contradict the methods and stay sitted on a chair about eight hours a day... Anyway, if you have a creative kid someday, please don't put him through that! In 1993, I joined the School of Fine Arts called "St. Luc" in Tournai, Belgium. I have discovered there a whole new fantastic world of artistic diversity and cultural approach, very different from mine at that time. There, I learn different methods of visual expression, different sensitivities and communication techniques. After graduating in 1999, I decided to go abroad and spend a year in the US to work on my TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language). That remains an extraordinary experience for me. Just imagine: 58 nationalities living together in a country of cultural expression. Now mix it all and you will get the magic and the best of that unique experience. That country is still in my heart for all its great and constructive aspects. Miami, New York, New Orleans, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego and more: I rediscover the definition of the word "BIG". It is only when I got back to my mother land that I have started trying to transcribe the American energy to my small country. And it was not an easy thing to do. The barriers are not only cultural, but also economic. How does one share an experience? How does one translate an idea, an ambition? Visual communication remains the best way to communicate all of that at lightspeed. And I created my first freelance agency: YES YUKOM.



When and how did you find out about eYeka? Tell us your first experience on our platform. 

On February 27th, 2015, I receive an ad in my mailbox that talked about the eYeka concept. I take a look at the website and I instantly find a contest that suits me. No need to think... JUST DO IT. 

"Welcome on eYeka! Please click on the link below to confirm your subscription and activate your account."... Click! 

As for the rest, it has been almost as easy as going down a slide ;) I haven't won anything right away, but I got very sufficient stimulation to keep on going!


Why participate in contests? What attracts you the most in the crowdsourcing system? 

With eYeka, the playground size is different. Everyone can participate, the ideas do actually really travel around, there are no more barriers: only the quality of the idea is taken into account, no inhibitions. From a point B (brief) through the point C (creation) to the final point (client) without any distorsion! And it is also a great way to get people to know you and your work quickly and without any ego conflict and internal conflicts of interest like in a renouned agency. 


You have subscribed to 52 contests, participated in 28 of them and won 4 prizes on eYeka in less than a year! Awesome performance! Tell us about your working and creation process.

Thank you ! I remember very well the first contest I won... I actually danced on top of my bed! About creativity, it is always the same process. First of all, you need passion... no creation without passion! When you are in front of a brief, you need to feel like a dog in front of a new ball. And most importantly, you need to clear your head of all the logical tracks. When you age, we tend to take all our knowledge for granted and we stay stuck on preconceptions. Here, you can't. You need the open mindness of a newborn and start from scratch. You have to let go and don't try controlling anything. Keep in mind that there are thousands of solutions even if you don't see them yet. I thank my son Paul, who is 9, for reminding me that everyday, because kids just do it so naturally. That is what I love about this job, you feel so alive when you find a new idea. Curiosity and observation of the most insignificant things of your everyday life are for me essential elements of the creation process and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I will never get tired of observing life. Imagine what the world would be today if the first men on Earth hadn't been creative? Anyway, creativity is like a muscle, you can work on it! 


What have you been able to achieve with the contests you have won? What would your next achievement be? 

I have been able to invest on my company YES YUKOM and aquire some international visibility thanks to the contests. I have also been able to start a project called My Luck Bird, which is birds sculpture and which was very important to me. It allows me to express through design, the vital link between humans and nature. And last but not least, I could go on awesome surf vacations with my son in the waves of Fuerteventura and Portugal. 


Can you describe eYeka in one short sentence? 

If creatives where mutants, eYeka would most certainly be the CEREBRO! The perfect tool to find them all! 


A word to conclude? 

I would like to thank the creators and everyone who works at eYeka to putting into place a futuristic system for all creatives. And in the future, both clients and creators, if you are still asking yourself "Should we work with eYeka", don't look any further... the answer is a big "YES"!


Thanks a lot Fabien! You make all of us want to excel and create again, and again! We wish you a wonderful year, filled with success and achievements... and of course, a lot of winning contests on eYeka!