What can a daily glass of super do for you?

They say that when you are 35 years old, things start to slow down. You start to experience days when you feel a lack of energy and your body feels heavy and lethargic. Metamucil is a supplement that contains super fibre Psyllium husk, a natural plant fiber with multiple health benefits. Psyllium husk gels inside your intestines to absorb and remove accumulated wastes, like fats and oils. This helps your body’s natural toxin removal process. Fiber is also a good way to prevent sluggishness and control blood sugar and cholesterol. One glass of Metamucil a day makes you feel light and active, like a “super you”! That is why Metamucil is “Your daily glass of super”. We need your creative idea to bring this to life!

Give us an idea of how to explain, in a simple and entertaining way, what a daily glass of super is and how it makes us feel light and active again, ready to embrace the day!

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