Produce the video that will make ParionsWeb the reference for sports online betting during the Rugby World Cup 2015!

Dear video makers, the goal of this contest is to choose a winner who will have the chance to produce the next pre-roll YouTube video campaign for ParionsWeb. If you succeed, you will receive the final script and you will be coached by a senior Creative Director. After reading the brief, you will present your pitch video in order to convince ParionsWeb that you are the best team to produce this movie.

Produce the next pre-roll video campaign for ParionsWeb for the 2015 Rugby World Cup that will make this website the reference for punters!

Format: 2 videos of between 15/20 secs.

We need 2 short episodes of 15/20 seconds each, both within the same context. The scene is in the living room with 4 people (3 men and 1 woman, between 25 and 35 years old) who are looking at a rugby game in the 2015 World Cup. They are all seated on the couch, facing the camera.

Read this brief

Jury's Prize

  1. € 6,000 (+ € 3,000 grants)