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August is the Sunday of Summer! And this month, let us get to know Trisha Mae Laya and team mate Stefan Hemady, our August Creator of the Month and 1st prize winner for My McDonald's  and 2nd-runner up for  Microwavable Cookie contest! They have won a total of 5 contests in the past 1 year and all are related to food!

Where you are from, your interests, what do you do besides eYeka, and how did you guys meet? 

Hi!  I’m Trisha and I'm 23 years old and I join eYeka contests with my teammate, Stefan, who is 25 years old.  We are multimedia artists from the Philippines.  My interests includes Harry Potter and Marvel, and Stefan loves DC especially Batman, but eYeka is one thing we have in common.  When we don’t make entries for eYeka, we are working on our day jobs as Graphic Artists, reading lists and articles on the internet, shooting our friends for fun, and creating art and stuff. Apart from work and eYeka, I also love to make music.  I do lots of cover songs and I write my own songs as well.  You can find some of my cover and original songs on soundcloudyoutube  and bandcamp . I would also like to share this collaboration I made with Stefan last Christmas.  Our office decided to do an outreach program and we were tasked to come up with a music video.  I wrote the song while Stefan directed the video. 


How was your team born, and how did you first find out about eYeka and when was that?

I actually found out about eYeka through one of my friends back in college.  But at that time, I wasn’t really interested in joining in any contests, and only wanted to see what was going on in eYeka.  So I never really joined any contest that time.  And then I sort of just forgot about it. Fast forward to 2013, Stefan urged me to join a contest on eYeka.  When I tried to register, to my surprise, it said that I already had an account!  I didn’t get to enter the contest Stefan had suggested, but from then on, I kept an eye on eYeka, until one day, Stefan asked me if we could work on an entry together.Stefan learned about eYeka last 2013 through our friend and fellow eYeka creator, Ram.  Stefan participated in contests under a different username, and urged me to join in contests as well.  Apart, we never really found any success.  It was only later on that we teamed up as per the advice of one of our friends, hence asking me if I wanted to team up with him on an entry.  It was awkward at first for we weren’t really that close then, but as we continued to join more contests, we became close friends.  Our brainstorms and ideas got better, and our chemistry as a team improved.

What motivates you to join contests? We noticed all the contests you have won are related to food. Is there a preference or specialty in this topic? Why? eYeka became our escape from our daily work.  Aside from the prizes, we were motivated by how fun and exciting it is to come up with ideas for different contests.  And sometimes, even if we don’t win, the kind words and feedbacks from our fellow creators are good enough to motivate us to join other contests. We participate in every contest that we can, but it just so happens that all of our winning entries were food-related. It actually became a running joke between us.  We’re not really food experts, though Stefan is a microwave chef in the office, and can cook a really mean mug cake!   

Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests?  Well, we start when Stefan bugs me whenever there’s a new contest.  We read the brief, and then try to come up with initial ideas.  If we are confident enough with our ideas, we go on and pursue joining.  Then the actual brainstorm takes place.  The upside of working as a team is that we come up with many ideas, and the brainstorming sessions are more fun and effective, compared to working alone.  We try to shift tasks in every contest so that we could get an equal load of work.   

You have been with eYeka for more than a year, may I know if participating or winning on eYeka ever changed your life? What has your eYeka experience brought you? Of course it changed our lives!  Through eYeka, not only did it give us financial support, but it also served as a way between us to gain friends.  eYeka was the reason Stefan and I became close friends.  It had helped us improve our creative thinking and method, and it gave us a different learning experience.  It also helped us improve our skills by joining different contests and working with brands and companies we would have otherwise never have been able to work with.  And also, having a community give you feedbacks on where to improve also helps us as well





Please share with us what are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?  

One thing we like about eYeka is that there are people whom we can get creative critique from about our work through their feedbacks on our entries.  We also love the creative environment, and all the nice staff at eYeka who are very accommodating whenever we have inquiries.  For the improvements, I think eYeka already got it covered.  We just wish that everyone else is having the best experiences in eYeka.   

Lastly, can you share with us your inspiration and your future plans?  What advices would you give to new creators? A few words to conclude? We are inspired by many things, especially the internet.  Everyday there are new, weird, funny and incredible things and it’s up to us on how we want to use them as inspiration.  Aside from that, we also get inspirations from random experiences and conversations between other people. For future plans, we will still continue joining contests on eYeka.  We’ll use the prize money for household purposes, hold a little celebration, and save some of it for future use. We don’t really have words for everyone that they don’t already know.  We had simple goals: win on contests we joined, and be eYeka’s artists of the month.  And with hard work, inspired minds, and a little bit more push, we’ve achieved it!  And you can too!  Like what Shia LaBeouf said, “Just do it! Make your dreams come true!”   

Thanks Trisha and Stefan!  We wish you guys all the best in your future contests in eYeka and we look forward to see more works from you guys!